Universal Hanging Rack Game Handle

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  • NON-PERFORATED DESIGN: The rack is non-perforated, requiring no drilling or installation that could damage walls or surfaces. Instead, it likely utilizes adhesive or hanging mechanisms to attach to a wall or other surfaces.
  • COMPATIBILITY: The rack is designed to be universal, meaning it can hold various game handles from different gaming consoles or platforms. This makes it versatile and suitable for organizing a variety of gaming accessories.
  • MATERIAL: The rack is made of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) plastic material. ABS is a durable and lightweight plastic known for its impact resistance, making it suitable for holding gaming accessories securely.
  • FUNCTION: The Universal Hanging Rack Game Handle is designed to provide an organized and easily accessible storage solution for game handles.
Universal Hanging Rack Game Handle

Universal Hanging Rack Game Handle